Most Trending Construction Trades in Georgia

The economy of Georgia is an emerging free market. The country has been marked as the World’s number one economic reformer by the World Bank. Georgia managed to be at the top of the business index. It is one of the free atmospheres to work with its lowest corruption rate. Out of the number of emerging and existing trades, construction is one of the most popular fields. The get the job in a construction sector is easier for the civil engineering stream. However, workers from other streams can also collaborate with them for projects, but the benefits slightly vary between the union and non-union workers. Here are some of the top trending Georgia Trade business areas:

Construction Managers:

This is one best trending trade in Georgia. The workers designated as Construction managers plan, coordinate, budget and also supervise the projects. The everyday activity of them is to spend time at the field office or the site and monitor the construction works also assign the day-to-day activities. They have to meet the deadlines and respond to the emergencies. Construction firms often pick candidates who have a degree or experience in the related field. The median annual salary of the ranges within $89,300 to $97,300 which typically means $42.93 per hour.

Elevator Installers and Repairers:

Just as the name suggests, the work of the elevator installers is to install the elevators, maintain them and repair them when needed. Installers almost spend their work time in offices, machine rooms and often exposed to heights in the elevator shafts. They need to be on call 24 hours a day to attend the repairs in essential equipment and learn the work through apprenticeship and get licensed. In Georgia, the wages of the elevator installers and repairers would be $78,890 per year which means $37.93 per hour currently in Georgia.


It is one of the most favored white collar trade jobs in Georgia. The architects plan and design the buildings based on the type such as residences, offices, restaurants, etc. They spend most of their work time in office and develop plans, discuss the same with clients, explain it to the engineers, etc. Sometimes they need to visit the construction sites and review the progress. The candidates who aspire to be architects need a professional degree and experience by working as an intern or qualifying an exam. The average annual pay of an architect is $76,930 which means they earn $36.99 per hour.


Boilermakers mainly do tasks like assembling, installing, repairing boilers, closed vats and other large vessels and containers which hold liquids and gases. Out of all the construction-related jobs in Georgia, boilermakers undergo physically straining and dangerous work. They have to travel a lot to work sites and stay away from their homes most of the time. Aspirants first have to learn the trade by participating in an apprentice program and get welding experience certification. The annual pay of Boilermakers will be about $62,060, i.e., $29.84 per hour.


The primary tasks of an Electrician include installing power, communications, lighting and control systems in the buildings, maintain them and also repair them if required. They work both indoor and outdoor on demand. Electricians typically need to work full-time and should forget about holidays or weekends and might sometimes need to work in the evenings too. The candidates attend the apprenticeship and need to get licensed to start the work. The annual pay of the Electricians is $52,720 which means $25.35 per hour at Georgia.


This is the most on demand sector of the Georgia Trade business. Not only Plumbers but also pipefitters and steamfitters come under this zone. Their work is to install and manage the pipes for water or gas flow. They work in factories, homes and outdoors where they control the pipes and septic systems of the buildings. The plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters first have to learn the work and get certified. The annual wage for them is $51,450 which means $24.74 per hour.

Iron and steel workers:

Ironworkers mostly work at great heights. They install the structural and reinforcing iron and steel in the construction of buildings, bridges and also roads. As Georgia is an every growing country the need for iron and steel workers are always there. Certification for this job is mandatory, and they learn welding, rigging, and signaling during their apprenticeship. The annual pay of the iron and steel workers is $51,800, and the wage of reinforcing iron and rebar workers is $47,600.

Construction Equipment Operators:

The Construction equipment operators drive, move or monitor the heavy machinery and equipment that are used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and roads. They often work outdoors and are required to attend the workshop in all weather conditions. Construction operators have to get a diploma or equivalent degree in the related stream to get qualified. The annual average income for them is $45,040 which means $21.65 per hour.


Carpentry is another high paying job in Georgia Trade business which can also be done as per daily wages or as per project and monthly basis. They construct the frameworks and structures in buildings such as stairways, doorframes, rafters, partitions, bridge supports, etc. with wood and other materials. Carpenters also install kitchen cabinets, sidings and are involved in grueling work and are unsafe from injuries and illnesses. Starting as a helper or an apprentice, they learn the work. One needs a high school diploma or equivalent. The average annual pay for a Carpenter in Georgia is around $43,600 to $20.96 per hour.

Proper Storage:

Having the proper storage when you need is often overlooked, believe me…I know. I have run a lot of construction jobs and had material just spread everywhere. This is until I started using a storage unit to store all of the materials and tools that were needed for the job. Seems like a simple thought but it truly is something that just slips the mind while you are trying to keep control of the job site.



Glaziers in Georgia install the glasses in windows, skylights for the buildings which would often be residences or storefronts. Just like other construction trades, glaziers also pass through physically demanding work. One need a diploma or equivalent and certified experience to join any organization. The average annual pay for Glaziers is $41,920 which means they make $20.16 per hour.

Other than the mentioned trades, some of the other construction trades in Georgia include painters, interior designers, pile drivers, plasterer, construction laborer, roofer/waterproofer, lathers, tile setters, bricklayers, cement masons, concrete finishers and much more. There are so many reputed organizations in Georgia looking forward to these trades each year. Each one addresses different areas and is equally necessary.…